Do you like to join the massive Sarvda Family to become the member as one of the shareholders? People having the Sarvda Family Membership could easily invest in the high-end savings along with getting the financial help based on the complete financial and loan aspects. it would also become the most amazing option fulfilling all the needs to the extent. Membership lets you gain complete access for the latest technology with the extensive financial service to the extent. Sarvda Agro Producer Company Limited has been able to provide the customers with the voluminous range of services. Our services are highly appreciated among clients for high nutritive value and become quite popular in the modern market.

Sarvda Agro Producer Company Limited (SAPCL) especially shares the sum of Rs. 10 for making the people like the member and become the shareholder. With the complete allotment of the share to the members that mainly gives the extensive right to vote with participating management in the A.G.M. Sarvda Agro Producer Company Limited works continuously towards the betterment suitable for the members with including the extensive savings habits. We ensure to give you the complete aspects that meet the financial needs along with providing the better shape of a loan. We help you to create a better opportunity for uplifting the living standard to the maximum.

Who Can Join For Membership In The Sarvda Agro Producer Company Limited?

When you like to join as a member of the Sarvda Agro Producer Company Limited then you should meet the following criteria that include you should be above 18 years of age. You need to have adequate knowledge about entering the contract and must be a resident of India. When you are a professional with another business establishment across states then you can also become a member of the Sarvda Agro Producer Company Limited.

How to become a member?

You need to apply the dully filled application format along with the prescribed performance about the company. The application form is available in all branch offices. KYC documents like Residence proof, ID proof as well as recent Passport Size Photograph needs to be attached in the Application form. The Application form needs to be filled neatly as well as signed in the proper place with the required information. When the applicant wants to get 1 share then it is easier with the Rs.10/- (Rupees Ten Only) along plus additional Rs. 10/- (Rupees Ten) in the processing fees.