Company Profile

Our Story

Sarvda Agro Producer Company Limited is established in 6th November 2018.

Our Objects

The main objects pursued by Sarvda Agro Producer Company Limited are :

  1. To carry on the business of production, harvesting, procurement, grading, pooling, handling,marketing, selling, export of coconut or coconut products of the Members or import of goodsor services for their benefit. Provided that the company may carry on any of the activitiesspecified in this clause either by itself or through other institutions.

  2. To carry on the business of production, procurement, storage, processing includingpreserving, drying, distilling, venting, caning, packaging, distribution, branding and branddevelopment of produce, and trading of all agricultural, non-agricultural, horticulturalvegetables, medicinal, spices crops, poultry, apiculture, sericulture, lac culture, theirprocessed products and other allied products, farm machineries and related extension &consultancy services for ultimate benefits to the members of the company.

  3. To undertake Organic production program, processing & Certification, Export & tradebusiness (as per National and International norms & Standards) of all agricultural,Horticultural Vegetables Crops and Dairy products their allied forms, by the members & non-memberproducers of the company. It will include Import & hire of goods and services in allforms, for the benefit of the members.

  4. To financing of procurement, processing, marketing or other activities including theextension of credit facilities or any other manner of financial services to its members. The objects of the company shall not be confined to only one state and they shall extend to the whole of India and outside India also.

  5. To render technical services, consultancy services, training, research and development and allother activities for the welfare and promotion of the interests of its members.

  6. To generate, transmit and distribute power, revitalize of land and water resources, their use,conservation and communications relatable to primary produce.

  7. To manufacture, assemble, sell or supply all agricultural inputs, farm machineries,equipments or consumables mainly to the members.

  8. To get insurance of producer of their primary produce.

  9. To promote the techniques of mutuality and mutual assistance.

  10. To undertake any welfare measures or provide facilities for the benefit of the members, asdecided by the Board.

Our Motives

Our Mission

Enhancing the productivity of the farmers through adopted scientific production technology and enhanced income generation via sustainable agribusiness.

Our Vision

To become best producer company in India, by ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.